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Help & FAQ

Can you tell me more about this product?

AHC is exquisitely crafted with a holistic skin care approach using a core foundation created through a combinatory of biotechnology and skin science advancements. AHC is a unique creation that combines Marine Bioactive Collagen and pure nourishing marine-based nutrients for advanced hydration and skin regeneration.

AHC is an advanced skincare cream specifically formulated with Cori Skin Lab proprietary formulation, combining biotechnological breakthrough and skin science to help provide effective hydration while repair against damaged and compromised skin with its excellent hydrating and skin rebuilding benefits. AHC locks in hydration from within to keep your skin hydrated, restore skin barrier, so that the skin can function at its optimal capacity.

How is AHC different from other anti-aging creams?

Most of the anti-ageing products contain active ingredients that are commonly used to work as an exfoliant, getting rid of dead skin cells, and promoting new cells to grow in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

AHC counteracts ageing through a healing process to provide holistic skin wellness benefit. AHC can rescue your skin quickly from irritants while delivering long term repair and restoration effects. It works to protect your skin on the outside while stimulating your skin’s own natural healing performance from the inside.

It creates an immediate protective film which acts both as a barrier to fend off external irritants (reducing potential irritation and sensitisation) and captures the moisture externally (environmental) and internally (Loss of moisture within the skin). It also acts as a “second skin” protective layer locking in hydration from within which enhances skin integrity, promoting anti-aging and prevents skin sensitivity.

The potent formula provides instant hydration relief up to 24 hrs as proven clinically. Antioxidant benefits that can constantly fight with the free radicals generated from internal and external stress. Antioxidants have been shown to help reduce inflammation states and cellular damages. For long term benefit, it helps stimulate generation of matrices such as Hyaluronic acid, collagen, laminin etc that help to improve epidermal dermal junction (EDJ), improve skin density and hydration, thus reducing lines and wrinkles over time.

In summary, AHC defends the skin against external and internal stress factors and causes of aging with immediate protection and a significantly improved skin hydration and stimulation of the skin rebuilding process.

What makes AHC collagen different from regular collagen?

AHC Bioactive Marine Collagen is an extraction of Marine Type I Collagen widely used in the medical world to provide a natural scaffold for tissue regeneration, as well as combating pollution as a second skin (film former) and a sacrificial protective layer, making it a great wound healing biomaterial.

It exhibits high extraction purity and biocompatibility with human cells which allows and encourage cells to grow well and perform its function of maintaining skin integrity, restoration and supports healing of wounds.

Does AHC contain any harsh anti-ageing ingredients?

ARC does not contain Parabens, Silicones, Chemical Screens, Drying Alcohols, Sodium Lauryl  Sulphates, Fragrances, Dyes, Essential Oils and Nanoparticles.

ARC is tested under the most stringent dermatological control and suitable for sensitive skin type.

How much do I need to apply and how long before I see results?

Technically, there is no exact science behind how much you should be applying, because we all have different skin types, face sizes and other skin factors. For creams, we recommend a nickel-sized amount for your face and up it to a quarter if you are going to include your neck. For treatment of problem areas (e.g., eczema areas), you can use an additional layer, if necessary. Quality over quantity is the way everyone should address their skin-care.

While its suitable for all skin types, it is especially effective for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin as daily moisturizing treatment. AHC has its ability to immediately soothe for very dry and rough patches of skin.

For lines and wrinkles, AHC significantly increases collagen and hyaluronic acid production, and it penetrates into wrinkles and creates a micro-network to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines instantly for a visibly younger-looking skin. 

If use for 2 weeks, AHC will keep your skin health at an optimum level at all times

Any side effects?

AHC is clinically tested to be safe on even sensitive skin. You can apply AHC indefinitely as there is no side effects. If at all you develop an allergic reaction, discontinue using the product. See a doctor, if irritation persists. 

Unless you have a marine allergy, there are no known side effects. AHC is made of natural ingredients which are proven safe even on the most sensitive skin e.g., eczema skin.

How do I apply AHC correctly?

Bear in mind hot water can strip your skin of essential oils, and make your skin feeling dry.  Wash you skin in lukewarm water instead. When you are done washing your face, don’t towel off completely. You can apply AHC to a slightly damp face and this will help lock in hydration.

Remember to apply on clean skin for optimum absorption. After cleaning and toning, gently press cream onto clean skin for about 60 seconds or until cream is fully absorbed.

Do I need a special cleansing agent to remove the cream from my face?

A mild foaming cleanser in the morning is recommended. Using a make-up remover before washing is not required unless you are wearing make-up or sunscreen over the cream.

When is the best time to apply AHC?

While its suitable for all skin types, it is especially effective for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin as daily moisturizing treatment. AHC has its ability to immediately soothe for very dry and rough patches of skin, you can try even on eczema-prone skin for immediate relieving of dryness and itchiness due to the rich moisturization.

AHC can be applied as a multi-purpose protection layer on your skin e.g., before you apply sunblock on your face to avoid  chemical burden to your skin, before you go for a swim, when you want to soothe rough, dry and flaky patches, dry lips, etc.

How often should I use the cream?

AHC is mild, sage and non-evasive. It is typically applied daily, after cleansing the face in the morning and night.

For treatment, depending on the severity, you can repeat application every 3-4 hours.

If I stop AHC, will my problem dryness or wrinkle problems re-surface?

There is no report found that skin condition will deteriorate if AHC is stopped. It will not get worse, but the benefits achieved from the cream will eventually be lost. It is advisable to constantly feed your skin with sufficient protection to avoid losing the nutrients and hydration to stay at its optimum health.

What are the highlights of using AHC?

AHC is scientifically proven efficacious with its 11 ingredients because of the strong curation and refined selection of only the materials that matter. Our core idea is to simplify the formula to optimize how the ingredients work with your skin.

  • Dermatologically-tested and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Highly biocompatible and stimulates collagen regeneration and recovery at cellular level to support tissue development and skin repair
  • It replenishes and lock-in hydration to keep skin hydrated and elastic
  • Evens out skin relief and smoothen wrinkles from the inside by rebuilding the skin where it is needed, particularly on the forehead and “crow’s feet”
  • Contains collagen extracted from marine source
Is AHC suitable / beneficial for people with Acne problems?

According to research, Acne problems could be aggravated by dryness or imbalance hydration level of the skin. CLE in ARC, has a proven hydrating effect that can last up to 24 hours as shown in a clinical study. It helps to regulate sebum production so that the skin calms down. For Acne wounds, ARC promotes fast and effective healing / repairing.

If you have oily skin, you can coat a thinner layer to your face.

Is AHC suitable for skin that has undergone, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments? Can I use the product immediately after laser treatments?

AHC is useful in aiding skin repair and restoration especially Bioactive Marine Collagen which is not only serves as an excellent hydrating agent but also provides a natural scaffold for tissue regeneration, as well as combating pollution as a second skin (film former) and a sacrificial protective layer, making it a great wound healing biomaterial.

However, please avoid massaging on sensitive area.

Where is AHC manufactured?

ARC is manufactured in Singapore by an established cGMP manufacturer.

Can AHC be used alongside other skin care products?

As a treatment cream, AHC should always be applied as the first product onto bare, clean skin for best absorption and protection.

Is you skin is very dry, you may apply your own serum before apply AHC and followed by sunblock.

For minor wounds e.g. cuts, scratches and scalded skin of affected areas, you may apply more / thicker AHC directly on specific areas of concern. Gently massage to ensure absorption.

How long do results take?

Recommended to apply daily, day and night and when is necessary specially to support healing / repair on specific areas. Some users attest to visible repair in as early as 1 week of application 3-4 times a day on affected areas. Most can see skin radiance after a couple of weeks.

How should I store the AHC?

Store in cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.