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CORI Skin Lab
Advanced Healing Cream

An advanced repair cream formulated with our proprietary formulation, a creation combining biotechnological breakthrough and skin science with excellent restorative properties and protection.

The Science

Our skin has an amazing ability to heal itself, especially in a well-nourished and protected environment. Advanced Healing Cream cultivates such a setting by forming a protective layer on skin against external transgressors while stimulating natural healing from the inside.

Advanced Healing Cream is specially formulated with a synergistic blend of Bioactive Marine Collagen, nourishing nutrients, and potent activators to offer rapid skin relief and restore skin health.

A Protective Hydrating Collagen Barrier

Bioactive Marine Collagen acts like your skin’s own collagen. It creates a network of collagen fibre on your skin that acts like a magnet to draw water and serves as a breathable “second skin” barrier to prevent water loss. This network also confers structural skin support for enhanced skin strength and elasticity.

Nourish for Better Skin Health

While our skin is designed to heal itself, it occasionally needs help. Advanced Healing Cream creates an optimum environment and delivers high amounts of essential skin nutrients vitamin C, E, A and polysaccharides to facilitate the skin’s ability to heal. The vitamins are powerful antioxidants that can protect your skin from the effect of inflammation and cellular damage.

Stimulate Essentials
for Skin Repair

Our unique formulation contains potent activators that can stimulate the synthesis of 6 major components of the skin (collagen I, III, IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin 5). These skin essentials boost skin strength and density from the inner layers, significantly improving skin elasticity and smoothing deep wrinkles and fine lines.

Advance Healing Cream has also shown to protect against collagen damage in aging skin by regulating Matrix metalloproteinase 1 (MMP-1), the enzyme that destroys collagen.

The Science: Our Active Ingredients

Our proprietary technology blends three potent ingredients that bring nature and biotechnology together to restore and protect your skin.