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Nature’s Most Powerful Biological Scaffold for Skin Healing

Our skin has an amazing ability to heal itself, especially in a well-nourished and protected environment. CORI SKIN LAB Advanced Healing Cream with LUXHEALER™ cultivates such a setting by forming a protective layer on skin against external transgressors while stimulating natural healing from the inside.

LUXHEALER™ is specially formulated with a synergistic blend of bioactive marine collagen, nourishing nutrients, and potent activators to offer rapid skin relief and restore skin health, even on the most sensitive skin.


GLOW With Confidence!

Watch Pari, a successful entrepreneur and strong young mom, shares her experience of using CORI SKIN LAB Advanced Healing Cream to achieve Skin Freedom, and her resolution on going completely make-up free!

Discover the key to skin healing

While our skin is designed to heal itself, it occasionally needs help. CORI SKIN LAB Advanced Healing Cream with LUXHEALER™ creates an optimum environment and delivers high amounts of essential skin nutrients including vitamin C, E, A and polysaccharides to facilitate the skin’s ability to heal. The vitamins are powerful antioxidants that can protect your skin from the effects of inflammation and cellular damage.

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